About Linda J. Murphy


Linda J. Murphy served as WLA president from 1987-1988. Throughout her life and legal career, Linda was an advocate for the rights of women and minorities. She was an admired and respected trial attorney known for her work in criminal defense, civil rights and domestic relations. She taught trial practice in the St. Louis area schools and handled pro bono cases for the ACLU. In 1999, Linda was awarded the Atticus Finch Award, the highest honor from the Missouri Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys. Linda’s memory continues to impact and inspire women attorneys and law students dedicated to the rights of women and the advancement of women in the legal profession.


Linda J. Murphy, the lawyer and WLA member for whom the scholarship was named, passed away in April 1999. So this year marks the 10th anniversary of her death….I think if Linda were here today, she would be especially proud of this year’s scholarship recipient. If she had the opportunity, Linda might remind this young lady that part of her job will be to inspire judges to have the courage to see clients as people – not to be fearful to do justice on behalf of those people. She would also be proud of the women judges who have been appointed this year. She might remind them that they will be at their best when they remember that they are just people too.


- Hon. Audrey G. Fleissig, from her 2009 speech at the WLA Scholarship Award Reception

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September 22, 2017

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