WLA Past Presidents

The Women Lawyers’ Association of Greater St. Louis has been in existence since 1976, when a brave group of women decided to band together to form an organization that would support and promote women lawyers in all of their endeavors. Our members are judges, business leaders, politicians, lawyers from big firms, lawyers from small firms and everyone in between.

We are proud to name the following as our Past Presidents:

Hon. Anna Forder, Charter President

Margaret Fox, 1977-1978

Adrienne Anderson, 1978-1979

Karen Tokarz, 1979-1980

Hon. Barbara Wallace, 1980-1981

Annette Heller, 1981-1982

Hon. Joan Burger, 1982-1983

Mary Colleen Sleater, 1983-1984

Hon. Susan Blaney, 1984-1985

Janet F. Catalona, 1985-1986

Hon. Mary K. Hoff, 1986-1987

Linda Murphy, 1987-1988

Patricia Flood, 1988-1989

Pat Simons, 1989-1990

Mary Coffey, 1990-1991

Toni Griesbach, 1991-1992

Deidre Smith, 1992-1993

Hon. Audrey G. Fleissig, 1993-1994

Gretchen Myers, 1994-1995

Sharon Agee, 1995-1996

Sally Heller, 1996-1997

Mary Butts Bruntrager, 1997-1998

Jennifer Finley, 1998-1999

Teresa A. Generous, 1999-2000

Patricia Hageman, 2000-2001

Helen Paulson, 2001-2002

Marjorie K. Carter, 2002-2003

Hon. Peg McCartney, 2003-2004

Megan Phillips, 2004-2005

Heather Hays, 2005-2006

Lynn Ricci, 2006-2007

Genevieve Nichols, 2007-2008

Patricia Susi, 2008-2009

Hon. Nicole Colbert-Botchway, 2009-2010

Jessica Liss, 2010-2011

Kristine Bridges 2011-2012

Jamie Boyer, 2012-2013

Jessica Kennedy, 2013-2014

Elizabeth Grana, 2014-2015

Heather Bub, 2015-2016

Bridget Hoy, 2016-2017

Amy Gunn, 2017-2018

Valerie Craig, 2018-2019

Lisa Reynolds, 2019-2020

Jennifer Matthew, 2020-2021

CLE | The Righting Reflex - Stress Management and Well-Being | Thursday, May 6th | 12:00 Noon - 1:00 PM via Zoom

WLA, together with other regional Bar Associations, invites you to an upcoming CLE designed to help you develop effective tools to balance the high demands of the legal profession with your own mental health and well-being.

Proceeds from the event’s registration fees will be donated to the Missouri Lawyers’ Assistance Program (MOLAP).  As a co-sponsor, WLA has made a donation to MOLAP on behalf of its members.  

See below for additional program details, available CLE credits and registration information.  A downloadable copy of the event flyer is available here.  


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Third Wednesday of every month

Noon - 1:30 PM

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